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lagu cinta

lagu cinta


Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:39 PM PDT

Chowringhee Chowringhee is a Classic Bengali Movie, directed by Pinaki Mukherjee, starring Uttam Kumar, Supriya Debi & Anjan Bhowmik. A picture of contemporary elite society, the film also portrays the inexorable power of density over human lives. Shankar, down on his luck, sells waste paper baskets. His acquaintance, Byron, a private detective talks to Mr. Marco Polo, the owner of Shajahan Hotel, to get Shankar a job as a typist. There Shankar meets Satya Sunder alias Saita Bose, an intelligent, humorous and deeply humane individual, who keeps himself detached from female advances. He befriends Shankar and helps him in his work. Shankar moves in to stay in the hotel. Marco is a mysterious character, authoritative as well as vulnerable, impatiently waiting for some news, which when it comes breaks him completely. Bose tells Shankar about various customers, one of them Mrs Pakrashi, a social worker by day and a prostitute by night. Her son Anindya ycomes to strike a deal with a German delegation. His uncle, Fokla agrees to reveal business secrets to Agarwala, a rival businessman. Anindya meets Karabi, Agarwala’s hostess in the hotel. They fall in love. Despite the conspiracies, the agreement with the Germans is successful as Anindya gets help from Karabi. Mrs.Pakrashi opposes Anindya’s decision to marry Karabi. She threatens Karabi and offers her money.At a weak moment Karabi shows her photographs which would revel her liasons to the world. Mrs. Pakrashi withdraws her oppositions but Chowringhee

pleasure of love

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pleasure of love
love quote

no more true a statement has ever been made

"The pleasure of love is in loving".

How often do you and I seek to receive pleasure rather than simply loving without expectation?

24KMC: The Jealous Guys “Love You So” Feat: Solomon & Finder, Dir: Chasen Paper

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:37 PM PDT

24KMC: The Jealous Guys “Love You So” Feat: Solomon & Finder, Dir: Chasen Paper The Jealous Guys’ debut video “First Sight” caught the attention of UK producer/singer songwriter duo Solomon & Finder and they hurled this amazing beat @ them off bat. The song got recorded that night by The Jealous Guys and it was a no brainer that a video had to be shot for it ASAP The song’s grimey and solemn sample just so happened to fit perfectly in place with mother nature that day. 2011 will be a ground breaking year for The Jealous Guys…they are unstoppable. Twitter.com Twitter.com Twitter.com 24KMilkCrate.Com http 24KMC: The Jealous Guys “Love You So” Feat: Solomon & Finder, Dir: Chasen Paper

SHOUT OUT SUNDAY – Episode #50

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:40 AM PDT

SHOUT OUT SUNDAY – Episode #50 ThAnKyOu SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING/SUBBIN/FAVIN/THUMBS-UP-ING!! Thanks for being my internet besties!!–XoXo–BLT :D WANNA “Tweet” MY VID? clicktotweet.com STARRING/EVERYTHING DONE BY Brittani Taylor IPHONE APP :D itunes.apple.com DROID APP (Search for “brittanilouisetaylor” in the Market) CHECK OUT MY COOL SHIRTS! (USA and Beyond) www.brittanilouisetaylor.spreadshirt.com (UK and EUROPE) http TWITTER www.twitter.com WEBSITE www.brittanilouisetaylor.com MY OTHER CHANNELS http www.youtube.com DAILYBOOTH www.dailybooth.com FACEBOOK apps.facebook.com MUSIC UK Tube www.audiomicro.com Paris Love www.audiomicro.com Whistle Song www.audiomicro.com SHOUT OUT SUNDAY – Episode #50

3D Signifer

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:38 AM PDT

3D Signifer
3d love

At the Victoria & Albert again, but I don’t expect anyone to know that. This is a macro of the sign out in the courtyard installation.

VOLUME: The piece is a collaboration between design collective United Visual Artists (UVA) and Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) of Massive Attack and his long-term co-writer Neil Davidge (as part of their music production company, one point six).

Yeah Yeah the installation was great, and yeah I should have been taking photos of it instead of the plain sign, but something attracted me to it. It could have been the vivid colour or it could have been the way that when movement was made behind the sign, it altered the intensity of the colours of the writing on the sign. I loved the Massive Attack Live shows and this just is another detail that makes all the difference.

love exposure corinter 13 engl subs

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:36 AM PDT

love exposure corinter 13 engl subs wonderful film – wonderful scene love exposure corinter 13 engl subs

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