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lagu cinta

lagu cinta

THE DAMNED – Love Song

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:42 PM PDT

THE DAMNED – Love Song

“Live” on German TV

4eva 2getha – Love Wallpaper

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:42 PM PDT

4eva 2getha – Love Wallpaper
love wallpaper

Love Wallpaper , Photoshop design

Broken Heart Healing Is Possible, 3 Helpful Steps To Success

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:36 PM PDT

Broken Heart Healing Is Possible, 3 Helpful Steps To Success

Not a single person in this life is immune from a broken heart. A broken heart is an inevitable part of dating and a completely natural experience. Each story of the broken hearted blues is unique and completely personal to each individual. There are no time limits in which we are expected to recover from a broken heart. However, listed below are three simple steps to help ease the pain and quicken the broken heart recovery process. Broken heart healing is possible in 3 helpful steps to success.

· Broken Heart Healing Step One: “Sweat your broken heart out”. For weeks or months after experiencing your broken heart, every song, every place and every little metaphorical sign will remind you of the shared experiences lost between you and your ex-love. Do not avoid these nostalgic moments! This will be difficult to do, but the more you continue to repeat those shared experiences on your own, the quicker they will become old and monotonous to you. This broken heart recovery technique helps specifically with sad songs, pictures and places. How many times have you heard a song on the radio that you really enjoyed and then began to hate it two weeks later? Well the same idea applies to mending a broken heart. Pictures get old with time, music becomes less appealing through repetition and places become not worth the drive when you run out of gas money.

· Broken Heart Healing Step Two: “reflect on the relationship from an outside perspective”. While it is true that no one really understands a relationship like the people involved, it is very easy for us to turn a blind eye and misjudge situations when we are in the midst of love. Those impaired judgments become magnified when you are coping with a broken heart. So once you have reached that point where you can tell that your friends and family are exhausted from hearing about your broken heart, and they are running out of patience in their advice, it is best to take a look at things from the way they see it or the way you would give advice to one of them if they had a broken heart. You will find that this broken heart healing step will bring the level of clarity your broken heart has been searching for. This step will cause you to self-reflect on the mistakes and positive qualities you have made and gained. It will also give you the best solutions whether it is best you and your partner should forgive and make up, or whether you should gather up your broken heart and move on.

· The third and final step to expedite the healing of a broken heart is: “Date other people with every chance you get”. If after determining that the outcome listed in step two is best for you, then it is time to take all of the positive and negative things you learned about yourself in your previous relationship and put them to the test with different types of people. Find out for yourself what qualities you posses that need to be worked on, as well as what good qualities you have that should be nourished by yourself or by someone else in another relationship. The more you begin to date and try different options, the sooner your mind will lose focus on the person who left you with a broken heart and you will become more focused on yourself and the future.

Now that you know the three steps to curing a broken heart, absorb their truth, live them out and move on. There will always be someone else waiting for you, you just have to be in the right place at the right time and in the right state of mind. Take as much time as you need to let your broken heart recover, but abide by these steps and your recovery will be a fast one. | Broken Heart Healing Is Possible, 3 Helpful Steps To Success

Adele – Lovesong (cover of the Cure – live)

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:40 AM PDT

Adele – Lovesong (cover of the Cure – live)

Adele performing “Lovesong” at the Tabernacle in London. 24 January 2011.

Friendship / Amistad

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:38 AM PDT

Friendship / Amistad

Always …, friendship …, a good finished cup of coffee, and great moments for conversation. That already makes a happy day.

Siempre …, amistad …, una buena taza de café y momentos agradables de conversación. Esto ya hace un gran día.

How to Get Over a Broken Heart in 10 Steps

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:36 AM PDT

How to Get Over a Broken Heart in 10 Steps

How to Get Over a Broken Heart: 10 Steps

1. Don’t sit and sulk

The first thing I recommend for those wondering how to get over a broken heart is to keep yourself in the company of others. Getting over a break up will be ten times harder if you are spending time alone with all of your sad/negative thoughts. When you spend time around others you give your brain a different stimulus to grasp onto, rather than constantly grieving about your lost love. So the first step in how to get over a broken heart is to keep yourself around positive influences.

2. Talk about it with the ones you love

The second “how to get over a broken heart” tip is to talk about your feelings openly. This can be hard to do considering you are in a very delicate state right now and your emotions can be affected very easily but it’s important that you do not keep all of your feelings bottled inside. Find optimistic, trustworthy people to discuss your emotions with, you will feel better everytime you let yourself express the pain you have inside. With that said, those wondering how to get over a broken heart should be prepared to share thier emotions with others.

3. Free yourself of painful reminders

To continue in with your guide on “how to get over a broken heart” you should remove all painful reminders of your ex from areas you will often come in contact with them. This does not mean you need to put everything in a box and give it back to them or throw the stuff away, this is just a step to help keep your mind free of the person you are longing for. Consider putting pictures, clothing, music, or movies that remind you of your ex in a ‘safe place’ until you are better prepared to deal with your heartache. So removing painful reminders is your next step on how to heal a broken heart.

4. Consider the positives to breaking up

When you are trying to figure out how to get over a broken heart you should look into the new options you now have since the break up. You have more free time to hang out with your friends and family or to accomplish goals to improve your life and the lives of others. It’s very common for those who have been in a long term relationship to desire freedom (feelings often change when a break up actually occurs) but think about the fact that you are now completely your own person. You have a blank canvas and can fill it with whatever you like.

5. Pick up a new hobby

Something else to consider for our “how to get over a broken heart” puzzle is picking up a new hobby. Hobbies are a great way to free your mind of the emotional strain from your break up. They keep you active doing something you enjoy plus they challenge your mind and body which will be huge stepping stones on your “how to get over a broken heart” quest.

6. Get into great shape

One of the best things you can do for your mind, body and spirit as you are figuring out how to get over a broken heart is to get yourself into great shape. Exercise, health and fitness are proven to boost morale and create a positive image of oneself. So if you are wondering how to heal your broken heart you should start thinking about a good diet and exercise plan to follow. When you improve your self image you will not only impress yourself, you will really impress the one you are longing to be with.

7. Focus on what makes you feel good about yourself

Rather than sitting and pondering all the problems you are facing, take a ‘glass-half-full’ approach at the things you do and feel. We as humans we have the power to manage our feelings so if you decide to focus on feelings that make you happy, you will make progressive steps towards being a happy individual. This is a must if you are trying to learn how to get over a broken heart. The more positive you tell yourself to be, the more positive you will be, simple as that.

8. Steer clear of places your ex will be for awhile

How to get over a broken heart does not include trying to spend a great deal of time around your ex. The more you see or hear your ex, the harder you are going to make things for yourself. You are still in too sensitive of a state to manage the influx of emotions that are connected to your ex. Steer clear of your ex until you are positive you can be around them without creating a set-back in your grieving process.

9. Work harder to make money or improve grades

The ninth tip for learning how to move on from a broken heart is to harness your sadness, anger, disbelief, or other emotions you are facing into a positive work effort. One of the great things about negative feelings is that they have the power to influence you at an equal level in the positive direction. Approach your duties with something to prove to yourself and the one who broke your heart. You will notice a strange surge of motivation when you direct your sadness in the right direction..

10. Remember the strength you hold inside

The final recommendation I make for how to get over a broken heart is to remember the inner strength that we all hold. This strengh seems to dim in our times of high vulnerability but it still exists. You have to know that you are number one and will always be number one. Your ex is just another person in the world, the same as you. Follow the attitude that you don’t have any time to sit and waste on someone that doesn’t want to be with you. Create the proof to yourself that it is the opposite and your ex doesn’t control who you are. You are the master of your destination, choose a positive one.

These are just a few of the many techniques to be practiced by those striving for answers on how to get over a broken heart. Most times relationships fail because of common, universal mistakes made by both you and your partner. These mistakes are exactly what you should focus on to find out exactly what not to do in a relationship and why improving these areas will help you win back the love of your mans/woman’s heart. There are ten specific mistakes that influence a majority of couples, learn them and you have learned the way to win the heart of whomever you choose. | How to Get Over a Broken Heart in 10 Steps

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